Experience AireSpring's QuoteSpringTM Real-time, Online Quoting and DAX Order Tracking and Status Reporting Programs 

AireSpring gladly provides concierge service to our channel partners, but we also offer fantastic automation tools. If you haven’t seen a demo or been trained on how to use QuoteSpring and DAX, our premiere back office tools, you are in for a treat.
Our real-time, online quoting tool, QuoteSpring, is the major component of our innovative agentStar back office portal. With QuoteSpring you get:

  • Virtually every available option, at every available speed, at every address in the USA.
  • Fiber; Broadband, DSL, U-verse, FiOS, Cable Modem, DS-1, T1, etc.
  • Real-time Quotes in minutes! Not days or weeks like other carriers.
  • 20-plus carriers integrated into a common network.
  • Single quote for multiple services and speeds.

Our National Channel Manager and QuoteSpring Jedi Master, Chris Abbott will provide an in-depth overview into QuoteSpring including a live demo of creating a quote and proposal. You'll learn how to leverage the tool to win more deals and beat your competitors.

In addition to QuoteSpring, Chris will provide a deep dive into DAX, our sophisticated, 24x7, real-time order tracking and status program. DAX offers a wealth of information, including: 

  • FOC dates
  • Circuit info
  • Tracking Order status
  • Order notes
  • Contact information for AireSpring Project Coordinators (PC) and Managed Services Engineers (MSE)
  • Visibility on emails sent and received on each order and much more!

Join us Tuesday, April 23, 2019 to discover the wealth of information that is waiting for you in agentStar. See how these programs can give you the edge you need to offer excellent service to your clients and stand out from the crowd.


Training on agentStar.net Back Office Tools - QuoteSpring Real-time, Online Quoting Tool and DAX Order Tracking and Status Program


Chris Abbott, AireSpring National Channel Manager


Tuesday, April 23, 2019 | 1:00 - 2:00 PM PT

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