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SIP Trunking Streamlines Your Communications

Combine your customers’ voice and data communications into one system for significant cost savings with VoIP. You’ll save them the monthly recurring charges associated with maintaining two distinct voice and data networks for immediate savings. It also offers a range of enhanced calling features that are only possible with IP.

With the BCN Solutions Express SIP Trunking solution, calls are converted to IP and routed through the Internet rather than through the PSTN, eliminating the need for costly T1 PRI circuits and the expensive telco services that go along with them.

There’s No Upfront Cost, Only Savings

Some companies are wary of swapping out equipment. But SIP trunking offers the security and convenience of keeping the existing phone system and the features it provides. Your customers can think of it as an evolutionary step into VoIP.

Customers can keep their existing phone equipment, and can keep their current phone numbers and/or add new numbers from over 10,000 cities in the US or 60 countries around the globe–and enjoy free calling between sites. Channel partners can bundle the offer with a range of data connections, or customers can use the ones they already have installed and are paying for.

To provide even greater savings and an upgrade to fully integrated unified communications (UC), consider our IP PBX solution!

What About Call Quality?

Our SIP trunking solution achieves high call quality through innovative, patented technologies that allow us to monitor, analyze and react to the continual changes that occur throughout the network and those of our supply partners as well. We analyze SIP signaling, node performance and IP metrics for all kinds of problems, ensuring that your customers receive the highest quality service.

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