About the iAgentNetwork:

Since 2001, iAgentNetwork has provided tens of thousands of channel partners the latest information on products, services, promos, conferences, training events, roadshows, magazines, newsletters, webinars, press releases, career opportunities and much more via our industry leading e-blast service.

We have the most comprehensive email database of Agents, VARs, VADs, System Integrators, Carriers, Resellers & CLECs in the telecom industry. We have established long-standing relationships with key publications, conferences and associations within the telecom channel. What does that mean to you? We’ve done all the legwork to identify the potential partners to help you resell your telecom product or service!

iAgentNetwork offers design services for our clients. Our designers are uniquely talented, highly specialized and have years of design experience within the telecom industry. E-mail advertising remains a highly effective form of marketing. iAgentNetwork designers not only have the talent to make your e-blast ads look great, they employ best practices of email marketing to ensure the highest deliverability of your e-blast ad to iAgentNetwork’s database.


For information about the iAgentNetwork, if you would like to receive our Q4 Media Kit, or to sign up to receive our e-blasts please contact us at: (877) 867-2553 or info@iagentnetwork.com.


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